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Service Among God's People in Worship

Faith Memorial Lutheran Church prides itself on many opportunities for members of the congregation to serve and assist in the worship life of the congregation. Some of these opportunities include the following roles. 


If you are interested in serving please contact us at ; Members may also check the duty roster in the church to sign up for times and duties as they are able.


Acolyte- The acolyte, usually of high school or college age, assists in the communion services of the congregation.


Altar Guild- One member of the Altar Guild assists "behind the scenes" especially in the preparation and care of the bread and wine for the communion.  Other members of the Altar Guild care for the paraments, altar hangings, robes, candles, and other items used in worship.


Communion Assistant- At least one lay person assists the pastor especially in the distribution of Holy Communion. Usually those who assist in this area are serving or who have served on the Board of Elders.


Intercessor- The prayers of the people are offered by a member of the congregation at each celebration of Holy Communion.


Lector- At all services one member of the congregation reads the lessons appointed of the day from the scriptures.


Usher- Ushers are needed for each service to assist in the distribution of worship materials, the gathering of the offerings, and the direction for Holy Communion.

Assisting specifically in the music life of the congregation:


Cantor- Cantors assist in the music of the worship service usually singing the psalms, verses, offertories, and other canticles.


Adult Choir- The Adult Choir sings for major festivals and on other occasions. Rehearsals are scheduled weekly.

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