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Sunday Bible Classes - Sunday 10:30am

our study on Sunday is changeing regularly to a variety of topics and focuses on different books of the Bible.  Join us or contact us to find out what powerful part of God's Word we are studying this week!

Sunday School - Sunday 10:30am

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Youth and Children's Sunday school

meets most weeks of the year

For more information about this and other family events check out our  church newsletter or contact our church office at:

(219) 462-7684

Small Groups - Various Times & Locations

Prayer Group
Faith Groups.jpg

Faith is Life - Live it Together!

Sunday Worship is an important part of faith, but it doesn't end there our relationship with God takes place and flourishes through:

  • Study and application of God's Word

  • Christian Community and Support

  • Service and Outreach


These things and more can take place in small groups​!  

To learn more about our small groups or to give on an try and experience what it can do for your relationship with God and others.  contact our church office at:

(219) 462-7684
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