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Care Ministry

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Topical Resources for Life

These resources from Lutheran Hour Ministry  cover a wide range of life topics.  They can be downloaded for free or purchased as a booklet.  Topics incude subjects such as:


  • Illnesses

  • Addictions

  • Guilt

  • Conflict

  • Anger

  • Suffering


We strive to work with the full body of Christ in using our gifts and the best resources available to help support people in their faith.  To inquire about the content of our website and resources or the materials used to produce them please contact us through our church office.  To God Be the Glory!

  • Marriage

  • Family/Parenting

  • Aging

  • Divorce

  • Abuse

  • Grief


  • Balance/Prioritizing

  • Finances

  • Confidence/Fear

  • Stress

  • Finding Purpose

  • Providing Care


  • The Bible

  • Prayer

  • Outreach

  • Other Faith Topics

  • Military Resources

  • Additional Topics


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